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Dojo Day Camp

A better alternative and solution to traditional day care and child care in the North Huntingdon / Irwin area.

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The Day Camp is every Wednesday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM Open access drop off.
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Text Ms. Jenn (724-309-9044) to get on the reservation list. Online sign ups will begin this weekend. Limited spots!!!!!!!

What am I going to do with the kids⁉️⁉️⁉️ The world is in chaos… but we got your back! Introducing “DOJO DAY CAMP” 📖 A Learning Pod and distance learning camp powered by Norwin Ninjas (a name you know and can trust). We will fill the void of virtual learning days when moms and dads have to work. Facebook.com/Dojodaycamp

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This isn’t a day care…it’s better, a specialty camp (7:30 AM – 3:30PM Monday-Friday) packed with fun activities, enrichment, distance learning, martial arts lessons, fitness routines, life skills, and more. 🥋📺💻😁 📖 💪. We are an open access drop-in program.
More bang for your buck.

Daily rates @ $50. Norwin Ninjas is a matted facility with free wifi, 70” tv’s and multiple large activity rooms to accommodate the student base.

About Ms. Jenn

Program Director: Jenn Viola: 👩🏫
• Master’s Degree in Elementary Education ☑ ️
• Certified: PA Department of Education ☑
• PA Act 153 Clearances, PA State Police, FBI ☑
• Creator and Founder of 123 Mommy & ME ☑
• Certified Nursery Ninjas Instructor ☑


Norwin Ninjas (GDC Plaza (located underneath) middle level.)
• 12591 US Route 30
• North Huntingdon, PA 15642.

Safety Protocol:

😷 Masks are required unless you have a medical condition.
💨 We have installed a professional Air Scrubber: A HEPA rated 2 stage filter system will filter down to 0.5 microns, filtering out Disease-Causing Bacteria, Mold Spores, Fine and Ultra-Fine Particulate, Pollen, Dust, Insulation Fragments and more. Indoor air quality is important for health. Since Covid-19 can be transmitted airborne, so we felt this was a necessary upgrade.
⚕️ Daily cleaning with hospital Grade Bio-cide Antimicrobial disinfectant. This product is EPA registered effective against Coronavirus. It also cleans against “Pathogenic” (disease causing) Fungus and Mold. This product kills Mold and Fungus, Bacteria, and Viruses.
😷 Commercial Grade Foggers: HOSPITAL-GRADE DISINFECTANT 💣: EPA approved for Coronavirus. Kills MRSA, Influenza A, TB, HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), and many common viruses. A true Hospital-Grade Broad Spectrum Disinfectant. Use in classrooms, ambulances, EMS vehicles.
😤 Steamer: Routine mat/floor steaming with our new high-end commercial steamer AISI 335-degree boiler @ 1750 (14.5 amps) watts of power. It’s safe (child and pet friendly), non-toxic, allergy sensitive, and kills 99.99% of bacteria.
💡 UV-C Sanitizer: Ultra Violet Light disinfector lamp 99.9% sterilization.
🌡 Infrared Thermometer: We will be checking all students in with a professional grade Medlab No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer. It is calibrated for accuracy (clinical and medical use) with 1 Second Readings.
👏 Students will have unlimited access to sanitizer stations.
🧦 Optional: recommend socks (tread style/like what you would wear at the trampoline park).
🛑 Remember, if you aren’t feeling well or there is any chance you think you may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, you must alert staff and stay home. Continue to use common sense and always practice good hygiene.
*All information is subject to change as the pandemic protocol is constantly updating.