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We hate to see you go, but if you must, the process is easy.

Simply visit the front desk and fill out a “cancellation form” within five (5) days prior to your next billing cycle. This form must be signed in person (not via phone/email).  We welcome feedback and would love the opportunity to improve and hopefully change your mind!

We allow students to opt out from our membership programs at any time, but please be aware that we do not give refunds for memberships that have already been processed or auto renewed.  THIS MEMBERSHIP IS SIMILAR TO ANY GYM SUBSCRIPTION (discounted pre-paid package).  For your convenience it can be cancelled within 5 days prior to your next renewal via the written cancellation form.


Emergency clause:  If you have a family emergency and miss the cancellation window, we offer a partial refund within the first 30 days.  After 30 days there are no full refunds.  The partial refund is paying 1-month at non-discounted rate